Puppies respond very well to gentle, consistent training.  They have the ability to learn up to 200 words provided they are used in correct and consistent context.

Handlers and their pups may join our Puppy Class 10 days after their 2nd vaccination and up until the age of 16 weeks. Please bring your puppy with you on the first day of class (do not bring puppy if you are pre-registering), there is no orientation day for handlers of young puppies.

This class covers:

  • socialisation of the young pup
  • good behaviour inside and outside the home.
  • communications between you and your dog.
  • skills in handling your dog
  • insightful tips on commencing obedience training.

Our instructor will show you how to teach your puppy to ‘sit’, lie ‘down’, ‘stand’ (great for bathing), ‘come’ when called, walk on lead, beginning stages of ‘heel’ and ‘stay’ (for a short period) within the four week course.

Handlers are encouraged to bring small, soft food treats (reinforcement) to assist in training.1puppy

Your pup should be wearing a leather or strap collar and a 1 m lead.

Puppy Class commences at 2:00 pm Sundays and handlers should arrive no later than 1:30 pm for vetting (puppy’s health check).

A puppy and handler joining Brush Farm Dog Training Club for the first time should arrive early on the first day to allow time for registration, if you are joining the day that classes start. Pre-registration is recommended, as classes fill quickly

NOTE: Puppy classes do not start every week. Next set of Puppy Classes commence on 1st September 2019 and continue for four weeks. NUMBERS ARE RESTRICTED TO 10 puppies.

You may pre-register prior to the start date (strongly recommended) to reserve your spot, by coming to the club between 12:30 & 1:30 pm on any Sunday (except 25th August).