Beginner obedience training is for the slightly older puppy/dog, whose handlers wish to teach their dog to be a happy, well adjusted canine companion. The Club teaches you to train your dog using positive reinforcement. You will learn how to cue your dog to follow basic instructions and you will build a stronger bond with your dog. No dog is too old to learn!

Beginner Obedience Classes commence at 2:00 pm on Sundays.

Handler joining Brush Farm Dog Training Club for the first time should arrive between 12:30pm and 1:30pm without the dog, to register and attend an orientation session at 2:00 pm, you will start training the following week.

Handlers are:

  • required to arrive well before class start times,
  • obliged to wear enclosed shoes,
  • reminded to have mobile phones turned off during training.

Recommend training equipment:

  • 1m (3ft) lead.
  • Flat collar or well fitting harness.
  • lots of small, soft food treats to be used as reinforcement/rewards.